Independent book review highly commends the Code of Practice for Community Equipment

Posted on: 12/01/2012 | Categories: CECOPS General

A leading and respected expert and consultant in disability related matters, Judith Payling MSc, SROT, has undertaken an independent review of the ‘Code of Practice for Community Equipment: A Quality Framework for Procurement and Provision of Services’ by Brian Donnelly.

The review was published within Assist UK’s 2011 Annual Newsletter. A selection of quotes from the review includes:

“A great deal of research and thought has gone into writing the 47 standards.

“An excellent summary of the law is included…”

“It is very easy for those commissioning and providing services to be clear about what should be done, and for service users to measure whether they are getting the services they are entitled to.”

The outcomes are commendable…”

“…it certainly has the potential to provide a baseline for discussions at commissioning level within the new structures being proposed under current health and social care reforms‘.

Judith concludes her very commendatory review by stating the publication “will provide valuable guidance to all those in the field. Overall, this Code of Practice is a timely piece of work which provides credible ideas to shape the approach to Community Equipment Services of the future.”

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