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Major report into Clinical Commissioning Groups published

Posted on: 16/11/2012 | Categories: General News

Researchers have published the first in-depth study into how the government’s planned shake-up of the NHS next year is progressing.

The reorganisation of the NHS in England, which will see new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – led by GPs – take responsibility for spending some £60 billion of public money, has generated much debate and discussion over the last two years. These groups were established during 2012 and have been preparing their organisations and plans ready to take on their new functions from next April.

The Department of Health-funded Policy Research Unit in Commissioning and the Healthcare System (PRUComm) has researched these developments and today (Friday) publishes its first major report about the early development of CCGs. See details HERE.

“The study provides the first detailed evidence about the way in which aspirant CCGs have been developing and meeting the challenges associated with their new roles,” said Dr Kath Checkland, from The University of Manchester, who led the research. “We carried out detailed qualitative case studies in eight developing CCGs across England from Sept 2011 to June 2012, as well as conducting web surveys of all developing CCGs at two points in time – December and April. This study provides a comprehensive look at what is happening as the most significant NHS reorganisation in a generation unfolds.”

Key findings include:

  • There has been a great deal of activity and enthusiasm from leading GPs on the ground as they engage with the new structures. Most of those taking up leadership positions have acted as leaders in the past in other organisations such as Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) or Practice Based Commissioning (PBC) groups.
  • The research period was one in which there was considerable flux and change on the ground, as developing CCGs settled towards their final configurations. The influence of past history was much in evidence, with many CCGs setting themselves up to mirror past administrative groupings such as Primary Care Groups, PCTs or PBC groups.
  • At the time of the research, developing structures were complicated and multi-layered, as developing CCGs worked out how relationships between governance structures, operational responsibilities and grass-roots’ members would work in the longer term
  • Local Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWB) are developing at different speeds across the country. Developing CCGs are engaging with their local government partners to establish new ways of working. The report highlights issues that have arisen in this process.
  • Developing CCGs in the study showed considerable enthusiasm for engaging with both commissioning and contracting, working alongside PCT colleagues as they prepare to take over responsibility in April 2013. The report discusses the experiences of developing CCGs as they begin to engage with their local Commissioning Support Units.


The full report will be available from Friday at

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CECOPS welcomes 4 new Approved Trainers

Posted on: 15/11/2012 | Categories: Approved Trainers, CECOPS General, General News

CECOPS is glad to welcome four new Approved Trainers. There is a growing interest in the training side of CECOPS as more people are coming forward to either be trained on the Code of Practice, or to become CECOPS Approved Trainers themselves.

Three senior members of staff from Hereward College have recently undergone training to become CECOPS Approved Trainers. Hereward College is a general further education College in Coventry.

The college has developed an expertise in assessing for and providing a broad spectrum of Assistive Technologies across the living and learning environments, including technologies commonly known as community equipment.

Paul Doyle, Access, Research and Development Manager at Hereward College, and now a CECOPS Approved Trainer, said, the Code of Practice ‘is a ground-breaking and much needed initiative’.

Also, Andrew Garforth, a Training Officer for Leeds community equipment and telecare service has also been trained. Andrew currently provides training to local authority and NHS staff.

There will also soon be a Post Graduate Certificate available related to the Code of Practice. This will cover Commissioning, Service Provision and Clinical and Professional Responsibilities. Subscribe to our free E-Newsletter to keep up to date with training developments

 *Did you know our Code of Practice also extends to commissioning and provision of telehealth*

To book training on the Code of Practice or to view all CECOPS Approved Trainers go here:

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HSE features CECOPS’ Code of Practice on their website

Following HSE’s recent endorsement of the CECOPS Code of Practice (see here: ), HSE has taken this further and included CECOPS’ details on its website, see here:

CECOPS will be working closely with HSE and other regulators and professional bodies over the coming months to look at how to raise awareness of the Code and to encourage organisations to register with CECOPS and start applying the Code of Practice.

To keep up to date with developments of the Code of Practice and how it will apply to you, please subscribe to our free Newsletter here:

 *Did you know our Code of Practice also extends to commissioning and provision of telehealth*

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Event to be hosted by Pluss, Exeter: ‘Shaping the future of Community Equipment Services’

Posted on: 14/11/2012 | Categories: CECOPS General, General News

Pluss is hosting a ‘Shaping the future of Community Equipment Services’ event, Wednesday 21st November. The event is targeted at strategic directors, commissioners, senior management including clinical leads, and is looking at efficiencies, quality and safety issues, together with legal and regulatory obligations, where equipment is concerned. The event will also inform people about the equipment services Pluss can offer and how this can help them to achieve their objectives.

Pluss is a Social Enterprise that supports thousands of disabled people each year to achieve work and a career. Pluss is a CECOPS Registered User and is currently working toward accreditation.

CECOPS CEO, Brian Donnelly, is guest speaker at the forthcoming Pluss event and says: “It is a privilege to have been asked to attend this event. I am very encouraged and inspired by Pluss and their commitment to improve services.

The event is being held at Sandy Park Conference Centre | Sandy Park Way | Exeter | EX6 7UE, and will run from 10am to 1pm. Download the brochure HERE

To book your free place or for more information, please contact Guy Eatherington at Pluss on: 0776 860 7275 or

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