About us and how you can work with us…at a glance

We are a not for profit CIC and we manage a registration and accreditation scheme for the unique Code of Practice for disability equipment. We support all sectors in commissioning and providing safe, good quality and efficient services, whilst enabling compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

We also offer approved training and self-regulation software (iCOPS™), as well as support visits from our accreditation partner DNV Health Care if you don’t feel ready for accreditation.

CECOPS is a self-regulatory model which incorporates indirect regulation i.e. meets other regulatory requirements e.g. HASAWA, CQC Standards, Medical Device Regulations, in one place. Unlike inspections, our model puts you in control of managing your own quality, safety and performance related issues.

 How can I work with CECOPS?

As a Commissioner: Until now there has been little guidance and no specific standards available for commissioning disability equipment services. Our Code includes all the relevant outcomes you would expect from any provider. You can now request that all providers working with equipment, including clinical teams and Care Homes etc., work to the CECOPS Standard, either as Registered or Accredited. This will ensure all quality, safety and performance management issues are addressed in one place, as well as complying with relevant legal and regulatory obligations.

 As a Provider: Do you already provide a safe and good quality service, and want to promote this fact? Now you can opt to become Registered or Accredited with CECOPS as a means of demonstrating to regulators and commissioners etc. that you are working to the highest available standard in this field. This will separate you from the rest and give you competitive advantage. Commissioning authorities up and down the country are already requesting CECOPS compliance…don’t miss out!

 Download a copy of our brochure here

 Contact us today to find out more about registration and accreditation: info@cecops.org.uk or call 01494 863398.


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