CECOPS supports aims of ‘Better Care Fund’

Working with us will help the 14 integration pioneer areas, and others, achieve many of the aims of the recently announced Better Care Fund (in England). The integration initiatives intend to transform the way health and care is being delivered to patients by bringing services closer together.

The main aim of the integration pioneer work is to make health and social care services work together in order to provide better support at home and earlier treatment in the community, to ultimately prevent people needing emergency care in hospitals or admissions to care homes. Providing timely and effective disability equipment services is key in supporting these aims.

Working with us will enable your organisation to achieve some of the other aims of the integration pioneer work, including:

• Reduction of avoidable hospital admissions and the length of time people who are admitted to hospital need to stay there
• Supporting people to live well for longer, leading more socially active independent lives
• Achieving better value for money, through cost avoidance savings
• Reducing demand for urgent care at hospitals
• Delivering prevention and early intervention strategies
• Improving outcomes for patients and their experiences of care e.g. right first time
• Reduction in care home admissions
• Supporting workforce with the skills to deliver integrated equipment provision
• Ensuring adults and children experience high quality and seamless care
• Supporting rehabilitative care
• Supporting older people with long-term conditions and families with complex needs
• Providing supportive guidance on integration, joint working and pooled funds

If you are interested in finding out how working with us can support your work on integration, contact us today: info@cecops.org.uk or call us 01494 863398

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