Involving Users and Carers…it’s important to us!

Posted on: 23/01/2014 | Categories: Blog, CECOPS General, General News, Service User experience

Are you serious about involving Users and Carers in your services? We are! We take involvement of Users and Carers so seriously that we have introduced a Code Standard (45) which ensures they are at the centre of service planning, design and review. We feel this is the only way services can truly meet the needs of end users.

Our work strongly promotes improved outcomes for users and carers and to do this we feel their views need to be sought at the early stages. That is why we have introduced Code Standard 45 into our Code of Practice. In fact our assessments include Code 45 as a mandatory requirement i.e. failure to comply with it could result in overall failure of accreditation.

The overall Outcome our assessment team would look for in relation to Code 45 is:

The commissioning, design, performance standards and product selection of community equipment involves service users and/or carers as a matter of course.

To meet Code Standard 45 commissioners/planning teams, providers and clinical teams will have taken input from service users and/or carers when developing services, strategies and policies. Some example roles and responsibilities of service users could include:

  • interpreting policy into service delivery
  • reviewing assessment facilities and new equipment for suitability
  • reviewing outcomes from questionnaires and surveys, etc.
  • analysing and reviewing compliments and complaints
  • advising on local and national disability policies and/or legislation
  • development of equipment specifications.

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