*NEW* CECOPS for Wheelchair Services!

We are very pleased to announce that we are extending our work to include wheelchair services!

We are regularly asked whether our Code covers wheelchair services: whilst most of the outcomes in our Code apply to this service area, there are some issues relevant to wheelchairs which haven’t been comprehensively covered in the Code to date. To address this we have been in discussion with the National Wheelchair Managers Forum (NWMF). We are pleased to say that everyone at NWMF is keen to support us in extended the Code to specifically cover wheelchair services. We will keep you up to date on this new and exciting development!

 National Wheelchair Managers Forum is very excited to be working with Brian Donnelly to develop the Code of Practice to include Wheelchair Services. This is long overdue and will further enhance the Healthcare Standards for NHS Commissioned Wheelchair Services developed by the NWMF, creating a benchmark and evaluation process to ensure patients are receiving a good standard of care and service delivery. Krys Jarvis, Chair, National Wheelchair Managers Forum


Extending the Code to include wheelchairs is an important and exciting development for us. Wheelchair services play a fundamental role in the care setting, supporting people to live independent, self-determined and free lives, and we are looking forward to expanding into this key area. Brian Donnelly, CEO, CECOPS

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