Not quite ready for CECOPS accreditation? Why not try a Support Visit?

CECOPS Support Visits are provided by our partner organisation, DNV Healthcare, to any organisation commissioning or providing disability equipment. Support visits are designed to help identify areas for improvement in your service, including commissioning, provision, and clinical activities, as well as providing an opportunity to find out more about the Code of Practice and the benefits it can bring. There is no requirement to register with CECOPS or to become accredited before arranging a support visit.

Support visits can be used in a number of ways:

To provide a better understanding of the Code of Practice and the accreditation process
To discuss which parts of the Code of Practice are applicable to your organisation/service provider
To identify key areas for local quality and safety improvements, in line with the Code of Practice
To provide an independent and non-committal review of your disability equipment provision against the requirements of the Code of Practice
To check how ready your organisation is for CECOPS accreditation by identifying gaps and recommending key areas to focus on
To develop an action plan to prepare for accreditation, or as a standalone exercise

DNV assessors will work with you to develop an agenda for the day according to your needs. Download a copy of a Support Visit flyer HERE

To arrange a visit or find out more about what could be covered in a support visit, please contact DNV on 0161 475 6691, or by email at:

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