Wheelchair & Seating Services now covered by CECOPS Standards – UK and beyond!

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9452CECOPS CIC is the independent standards body for disability equipment services, and runs a scheme whereby organisations register and can become accredited against its officially recognised and widely supported Code of Practice.

We are pleased to announce CECOPS has extended its Code to specifically include wheelchair and seating services, and now also applies UK-wide, and perhaps beyond.

However optimistic and committed governments and organisations are to improving outcomes for disabled people, practical steps are required to make these improvements; I believe this Code lays down steps that need to be taken. Let’s just hope it is followed!” Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE, DL

The new code of practice covers the commissioning, provision, and clinical and technical aspects of services. It is made up of 47 measurable outcomes. The code covers everything relating to statutory provision of disability equipment and wheelchairs, including user involvement, governance, joint working, eligibility criteria, funding, operational management, performance, training, assessments, and risk management. It uniquely covers such things as holistic, person-centred and anticipatory assessments.

The Code is free of charge to organisations registered with CECOPS, or a hard copy or an eBook can be obtained from here: http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=3270 or see the home page of our website.

The Code sets a national (UK), and perhaps international, benchmark against which services can be measured, and sets a realistic level of service people should expect to receive – something that has been missing for a long time.” Sir Bert Massie CBE, DL

Organisations register with CECOPS either voluntarily or as requested by commissioning authorities (in tenders, for example). Registration is an organisation’s public declaration that it is adhering to the principles of the code of practice.

Organisations can also become accredited. This is via an external assessment by DNV-GL Healthcare, world leaders in quality and risk management. Again, this can be done voluntarily or in response to commissioning requests. Accreditation is similar to ISO, only much more detailed and service specific.

Many NHS organisations, local authorities and other care providers are already working with the Code.

CECOPS facilitates both quality assurance and creation, where disability equipment is concerned. It can be looked at as a value-chain model that, end-to-end, interlinks the commissioners with service users, through the activities of clinicians and providers.”
Frede Jensen BSc (Hons), MSc, IQA (Internal Quality Assurer), Lead Auditor and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

An approved training scheme is in place; you can become a CECOPS approved trainer yourself and train your staff or colleagues, or organisations can have their staff trained by another CECOPS approved trainer.

HSE recognises the need for guidance, and welcomes the Code of Practice…” Health and Safety Executive

In addition CECOPS has supported the development of iCOPS®, the first ever self-evaluation and performance management software tool for assistive technology related services, including wheelchairs, to complement its scheme.

iCOPS® gives commissioners, providers and clinical staff the ability to evaluate and review services, manage contracts, instil good governance, monitor, assess and manage quality, safety and performance, and drive continuous improvement.

iCOPS® also enables organisations to comply with all their obligations including CECOPS and ISO, for example.

Details about this revolutionary new tool can be found here: www.icops.co.uk

National Wheelchair Managers’ Forum (NWMF) is very excited to be working with CECOPS to develop the Code of Practice for Wheelchair Services. This is long overdue…” Krys Jarvis, Chairperson, NWMF

To find out more or find how you can work with CECOPS please contact us. Thank you.


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