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CQC approval gained for CECOPS Scheme

Posted on: 10/06/2016 | Categories: CECOPS General, General News

CQC1We are delighted to announce that our application to become an official information source approved by CQC has been accepted.

CQC says: ‘The CQC will work with CECOPS to ascertain how best to incorporate information from the scheme. Schemes will require written agreement with the participating services to permit that the results of assessments can be shared with the CQC. In the interim, any publically available information (for example CECOPS accreditation status) will be taken into account in the CQC inspection methodology.’

CECOPS CEO, Brian Donnelly, says: ‘This is fantastic news and a great achievement for CECOPS and for organisations working with us. We are glad CQC see the merits of our standards and assessment processes. Going through the very thorough CQC application process has enhanced the service we offer. We believe this further endorsement will enhance engagement with our credible scheme.’

CQC recognises the potential value of clinical service accreditation and peer-review schemes as information sources to support its inspections. Such schemes have the potential to provide useful intelligence and provide independent assurance that accredited services meet standards.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) has developed, in association with the cross‐college clinical services accreditation stakeholder’s advisory group, a set of criteria to help CQC determine schemes that can provide robust and reliable information for consideration ahead of and during inspections.

If you would like to find out how you can work with CECOPS, and take advantage of our CQC approved status, please contact us: E: or call: 01494 863398

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Posted on: 01/06/2016 | Categories: Blog, CECOPS General, General News

sofware_bigWe are delighted to announce that we are now offering a CECOPS Approved Software marque as part of our scheme. This means IT companies providing management systems in the assistive technology space (e.g. disability equipment and wheelchair services, telecare, AAC) can now apply for their products to gain this prestigious status.

To gain CECOPS Approved Software status, software systems will have to clearly demonstrate that they meet certain criteria. These criteria are based on how software systems can help to meet the outcomes set out in CECOPS’ Code of Practice.

The CECOPS Approved Software marque is designed to help commissioners and equipment providers with procuring software systems for these services, and provide assurance that the system supports the CECOPS Code, the only available service specific standards for these services. It will also give IT providers the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase the suitability of their products beyond the technical capabilities and functions.

CECOPS’ CEO, Brian Donnelly, said,

As more organisations are coming on board with CECOPS, it makes sense to have software systems that support our standards and framework. This new initiative will also make the process for procuring systems easier. Most importantly, it will help to ensure people in receipt of these services receive good outcomes.

Kevin Clegg, the owner of BEST, the first software system in the UK to gain CECOPS Approved Software status, says,

“Now more than ever, we all need to identify and improve our service performance and use as many ways as possible to reduce costs as well as enhance service delivery and the customer experience.

Good standards ensure that these aims and objectives can be met and are not always mutually exclusive. It is possible to manage and maintain a high degree of consistent activity, firstly by setting these standards, then by measuring and meeting them, finally by exceeding them and then re-defining them to improve still further.

CECOPS now maps and sets out national standards we all should aspire to and build on. The CECOPS framework allows everyone involved in the delivery of a service to record and identify their strengths, highlight weaknesses and plan for constant and continuous improvement. Soft Options are proud to support, adopt, and promote these standards and welcome all the benefits realised because of them.

To find out how you can have your software approved, please go HERE or contact us:


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