Technology Enabled Care Services: Overcoming barriers and organisational readiness – by Ruth Agbakoba

Posted on: 20/04/2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

RuthUnderstanding the landscape of the readiness to adopt technology enabled care services in practice is a key factor in ascertaining the likelihood for successful service transformation.

There is renewed pressure to act on the opportunities that digital technologies present with the publication of government documents such as ‘Personalised Health and care 2020’ and ‘Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future’. Emphasis is focused on the ability for organisations to proactively adapt their products, services and operations in order to embrace transformative change. Many organisations that embark on projects incorporating TECS fail at this point as they underestimate the significance of evaluation.

Organisations need to be able to assess their own readiness in order to address barriers to adoption. Barriers impeding progress include but are not limited to a lack of stakeholder engagement, insufficient strategic planning, under-developed IT infrastructure and resource limitations.

How do you know if your organisation is ready to maximise the full potential of technology?

CECOPS can help your organisation to address this transformational gap by working closely with you to identify barriers early on before there is a significant investment in time, resources and finances. We provide you with our accredited CECOPS readiness framework and iCOPS evaluation tool for continuous improvement.


We will work with you to ensure that your organisation understands its current position whilst equally accelerating it’s state of readiness to enable successful uptake, fidelity and sustainability of TECS. We also provide added value in providing a platform sharing best practice for large scale innovation.

Our work in the TECS space is based on the International Code of Practice for Planning, Commissioning and Providing Technology Enabled Care Services.

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Ruth Agbakoba, Digital Health Consultant, CECOPS CIC. View Ruth’s profile HERE

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