Local Government Association (LGA) and NHS England Vanguards signpost CECOPS as a resource to support Technology Enabled Care Services

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CECOPS offers standards, software tools, expert personnel and training to help local authorities and health organisations with planning, commissioning and providing technology enabled care services (TECS) e.g. telecare, digital health.

CECOPS is an independent, not-for-profit standards and certification body for assistive technology services.

CECOPS is, where appropriate, one of the resources Local Authorities are signposted to following completion of the Local Government Association’s Social Care Digital Maturity Assessment.

NHS England Vanguard areas currently undertaking Digital Maturity Assessments and requiring support will also be signposted to CECOPS, as a resource to support local areas.

CECOPS’ details are available on the resource repository area for Local Authorities and an online collaboration space for NHS England Vanguards.


Support will include CECOPS’ outcomes-based integrated Code of Practice for Planning, Commissioning and Providing Technology Enabled Care Services. The Code can help organisations prepare for engaging with TECS, as well as providing a quality framework for procurement and provision of services, simplifying the commissioning and tendering of services. Details about the Code can be found HERE.

The Code is supported by a unique self-evaluation and continuous improvement software tool, allowing organisation to self-evaluate their readiness and assist in the monitoring of contracts and services. A free 30 day trial is available on the tool. A flyer for the tool can be downloaded HERE.

CECOPS also has a Strategy and Delivery Unit (SDU), made up of national experts in the space, which can help with assessing, progressing and accelerating organisational readiness. The SDU can help with commissioning, procuring and implementation of services.

The new quality framework and tools uniquely enable CECOPS to work across wider geographical areas and share good practice, thus adopting a community building approach to help achieve a wider and more accelerated adoption of TECS.

CECOPS also offers training programmes for both commissioning and providing TECS.

CECOPS can also accredit services, via an external assessment undertaken by independent assessors DNV GL Healthcare, world leaders in quality and risk management.

To find out more please contact CECOPS: (T) 01494 863398 (M) 07511 667 330 (E) info@cecops.org.uk



CECOPS is a social enterprise and currently works with approximately 80 NHS organisations and local authorities. CECOPS is CQC approved and has been endorsed by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and the Health and Safety Executive, for example. CECOPS is completely independent, having no affiliations with suppliers or service providers. The assessment partners used by CECOPS, DNV GL Healthcare, are also totally independent, which avoids any potential conflicts of interest. CECOPS is chaired by Sir Bert Massie CBE.

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