CECOPS has contracted external ISO Qualified Auditors TEQAS, international leaders in quality improvement, safety and risk management, to undertake assessments for CECOPS’ Accreditations.

The profiles below speak for themselves:


Jan is a quality improvement and accreditation consultant specialising in healthcare accreditation and standards development; she has worked at national and international level.

Jan has carried out work for NHS Improvement, BSI, International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua), CBAHI Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, National Health Regulatory Authority of Bahrain, Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and Accreditation Canada, to name a few.

Jan has previously worked for the NHS as a quality manager, ISQua as an accreditation manager, The Health Foundation as programme manager and client manager at CHKS where she was responsible for developing standards and leading audit teams in the UK and internationally.

Jan is currently a director of TEQAS – Technology and Equipment Quality Assessment Service. She also runs her own independent consultancy, MB3 Healthcare Ltd.

Jan is a trained ISO9001 lead auditor.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-mackereth-hill-01487630/


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Helen has expertise in the health and care sector in accreditation methodology and standards development, quality assessment, evaluation, QI training, writing and editing.  Her experience includes eight years as Assistant Director of Research at the Health Foundation.

Prior to working at the Health Foundation, Helen spent 15 years working in healthcare quality accreditation.  As a director of accreditation, she developed quality standards and an assessment methodology for the King’s Fund Organisational Audit programme, later Health Quality Service and CHKS.

Helen has experience in developing healthcare accreditation and credentialing programmes nationally and internationally including Denmark, Portugal, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania.

Helen is currently Editor-in-Chief, BMJ Open Quality – Editing the open-access, online journal which publishes exemplar quality improvement reports.

Helen is a trained ISO9001 lead auditor.

Helen is currently a director of TEQAS – Technology and Equipment Quality Assessment Service, and runs her own independent consultancy CRISP QI.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helen-crisp-89371a35/



Ann is an experienced project manager with an operational and clinical background in Oncology. She has extensive expertise in clinical audit, governance, service re-design, accreditation processes including assessment of healthcare organisations, surveyor training and standards development, at both national and international level.

Ann has worked within the NHS in various roles including project and programme management, clinical audit, and was a Superintendent Radiographer. She also worked as a client manager within the Healthcare Accreditation and Quality Unit of CHKS.

Ann is an associate of TEQAS – Technology and Equipment Quality Assessment Service. She runs her own independent consultancy developing accreditation standards and delivering auditor training both in the UK and overseas.

Ann is a trained ISO9001 lead auditor.