CECOPS Approved Software

We are glad to be offering a CECOPS Approved Software marque as part of our scheme. This means IT companies providing management systems in the assistive technology space e.g. AAC, community equipment and wheelchair services, telehealth and telecare, can now apply for their products to gain this prestigious status.


To gain CECOPS Approved Software status, software systems used to support assistive technology services will have to clearly demonstrate that they meet certain criteria. These criteria are based on how software systems can help to meet the outcomes set out in CECOPS’ Code of Practice.

The CECOPS Approved Software marque is designed to help commissioners and equipment providers with procuring software systems for these services, and provide assurance that the system supports the CECOPS Code, the only available service specific standards for these services. It will also give IT providers the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase the suitability of their products beyond the technical capabilities and functions.

The criteria used to determine whether software will be approved or not relate exclusively to compliance and alignment with CECOPS’ Code of Practice and do not consider technical aspects of the product.

There are two levels of approval, standard and enhanced. Standard covers either the operational aspects of service provision or the clinical and technical aspects; enhanced includes both.

To gain CECOPS Approved Software status, a series of questions will need to be answered convincingly in terms of how the product supports and aligns with CECOPS standards and outcomes.

In addition to information submitted on the questionnaire, other evidence, such as demonstrations of the software or copies of manuals and reports, may be requested.

A fixed fee is payable by the IT provider when submitting an application for approval. Separate charges apply if there are different products for different service areas i.e. if one product is provided for community equipment and a separate one for wheelchairs, two charges will apply.

Once the application is submitted and the information and evidence has been considered by CECOPS, the product will either be awarded CECOPS Approved Software status immediately, or recommendations will be made by CECOPS, which must be acted on by the IT provider, before approval status can be granted. The applicant will then have 6 months to put the recommendations into place, and submit evidence for approval. After the 6 month period has expired, it will be necessary to submit a new application, and a second fee will be payable.

Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to apply for CECOPS Approved Software status?
The first year cost for a standard application is £2800; an enhanced application costs £3500. To maintain the approval, there is a charge in subsequent years for both standard and enhanced of £700.

Where two applications are submitted for different products, but where the information is similar, discounts may apply.

What if I have one system to support community equipment services and one for wheelchair services; will I need to submit two applications? And will I be charged twice?
This depends on whether or not your system is completely separate or if it is an integrated system. If separate, then two applications will be required, otherwise one application will cover both.

Why should I seek to gain CECOPS Approved Software status?
CECOPS sets out the industry standards for these services and is widely recognised and used in many services. Gaining Approved Software status will give you competitive advantage when bidding for contracts or selling your product. It also shows the capability and suitability of your product, as well as your commitment to quality, safety and performance.

How long does it take to gain Approved Software status?
Once your application is received and provided there are no gaps in your information, normally it should take approximately 3 weeks.

What happens when I receive Approve Software status?
Your details will be listed on the CECOPS website and you will be sent your certificate. You will also be able to display the CECOPS Approved Software logo on your website and on marketing or product literature.

What happens if I fail to gain approved status?
You will be given a report with a list of recommendations, after which you will have 6 months to action these and resubmit the application.

What happens in subsequent years?
You will be sent a questionnaire each year to determine if the information originally submitted is still applicable. If so, then there will be no changes.

What happens if I make upgrades to the system or issue another version of the product?
Minor upgrades to the product should not affect its Approved Software status. The Approved Software badge will apply to a particular version of the software, so if you issue a new version number CECOPS would have to review the changes to the product to ensure they did not invalidate the Approved Software status. We would not expect product upgrades or new versions to affect your Approved Software status, and in most cases the approval would simply transfer over to the new version. We expect you to notify us if a new version is issued so that we can review it. We will also ask you about upgrades to the product on your annual questionnaire. Other than your annual fee to retain the Approved Software badge, there is no charge for reviewing changes to a product.

Important notes to the applicant (including terms and conditions)

Before submitting an application please read all the questions in full.

We recommend that you read the Code of Practice for Disability Equipment, Wheelchair and Seating Services in conjunction with completing the application. The Code can be purchased directly from the CECOPS website.

Once the application is submitted and considered, you may be asked to provide further information if there is insufficient evidence to warrant approval status. If, after this, it is still felt that there is insufficient evidence to warrant approved software status, you will be given a report highlighting areas needing to be developed or where further evidence is required. This will need to be actioned within a maximum period of six months for the application to remain valid.

Payment of 50% of the application fee is required before the application will be assessed, with the outstanding amount payable upon gaining approved software status.

Further costs may apply if additional assessment time is required.


Please contact us and we will send you a copy of the application form.

Email: support@cecops.org.uk Telephone: 07511667330