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Organisation / Company: iCOPS® Ltd.

Product Name: iCOPS® for Community Equipment

Product Version: V2

Approved Software Status: Enhanced

Service Area: Community Equipment

Date Version Produced: 2021

CECOPS Approval Date: 27/05/2016

Renewal Date: 27/05/2023

Product explainer video / presentation:

Summary of Software:

iCOPS® is a unique and powerful self-evaluation tool for enabling health and care organisations to self-evaluate their services, as well as support their compliance with CECOPS standards.

iCOPS® can manage all aspects of quality, safety and performance, as well as store and provide evidence. iCOPS® facilitates continuous improvements, is easy to use, comprehensive, effective and affordable.

iCOPS® comes pre-loaded with all relevant criteria and is ready to switch on and go!

There are iCOPS® products available for commissioning, service provision and clinical aspects of community equipment.


“…this is the missing jigsaw piece required for improving outcomes for organisations and service users”
Sir Bert Massie CBE, DL

Martin Figg, Head of Operations, British Red Cross - Community Equipment Services Division, says:
"We have be actively using the iCOPS® software for some months in our Nottingham contract and it is proving to be a most valuable tool in managing and improving our quality levels throughout the operational areas.

For me one of the key advantages of iCOPS® is that it gives contract teams the ability to self-assess their compliance then build on that in a structured and measurable manner, with a clear visual display of improvements made.

Being based on qualitative standards it provides natural links to service improvement from a service user and commissioner point of view.

iCOPS® has proved very intuitive and even the most IT reluctant users have found it easy to use and learn."