Name: Sandra Branford-Ellis

Telephone: 0845 463 1500



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Optimum Applications Ltd.

Organisation / Company: Optimum Applications Ltd.

Product Name: National Wheelchair System

Product Version: Version 8

Approved Software Status: Enhanced

Service Area: Wheelchair Services

Date Version Produced: 15/09/2013

CECOPS Approval Date: 16/11/2016

Renewal Date: 16/11/2024

Summary of Software:

The Optimum software records Service User information from referral – assessment – issue of equipment. It also stores telephone logs, notes on a Service User, full appointment system, list of disabilities, allows documents to be scanned and attached to Service User records, Service User tracking so the service is aware of how many weeks have passed since referral to issue of equipment, full assessment and review section, current equipment, data transfer to outside bodies i.e Approved Repairer, complete equipment order system that allows issues/returns/repairs/transfer/modify.

The system also has full list of reports which includes a report that collects all NHS England Wheelchair Service Indicators.