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Soft Options (Systems) Ltd

Organisation / Company: Soft Options (Systems) Ltd

Product Name: BEST (Bringing Equipment Services Together)

Product Version: V14.24

Approved Software Status: Enhanced

Service Area: Wheelchair Services, Community Equipment, Orthotics, Prosthetics, AAC

Date Version Produced: April 2016

CECOPS Approval Date: 24.05.2016

Renewal Date: 24.05.2024

Summary of Software:

BEST is a modular multidiscipline application to control all aspects of Clinical, Administrative and Management of equipment based services. Its modules cover Wheelchairs, Orthotics, Prosthetics, Communication Aids, Environmental Controls, AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and Equipment Services.

As well as multiservice support, BEST also supports multiple locations for the service (local and remote offices, satellite clinics etc.) and contractors (Depots and Warehouse units).

Based around an industry standard database system (Microsoft SQL), BEST allows saleable and complete management of all Clinical and Financial aspects of the service in a simple and effective manner.

Crystal Reports the ‘de-facto’ system of choice for reporting systems allows the formulation of standard suites of reports for KPI submissions as well as ad-hoc reporting when needed for one off reporting requirements. BEST uses Crystal Reports with our unique ‘Report Locator’ to allow easy searching and run a report from a library of 100’s of ready to use reports.

National coding structures, links to National as well as regional and common NHS software such as major EPR (Electronic Patient Record) provider systems allow integration and avoid duplication and possible error situations.

BEST supports national standards and uses the NHS Data Dictionary wherever possible to ensure the system can communicate and will be compatible with national systems and reporting’s structures. Notable instances of these structures are CIDS (Community Information Data Set) , NWRS (National Wheelchair Reporting Suite), RTT (Referral To Treatment) , RTA (Referral to Assessment) ,NHS CUI (Common User interface) now supporting Band 1 and Band 2 items to ensure that Patient Data (The same data is present on all screens which contain PID Personal Identifiable Data), this summary with alerts is designed to avoid any possibility of a mistaken patient record being updated, important information on screen can be instantly verified and gives unequivocal and important information to ensure the best possible care. Enhancements in 2022 include:

Casenotes Reader to make the browsing of Casenotes quicker and easier.

CSDS (Community Information Data Set) to National Standards.

Patient Costing Analysis via NHS England.

Embedded Training Module.

Browser Based Connection
The ability to access BEST for internal and external authorised professionals to access clinical information and create requests on the move, catalogue management and field engineer support.

The following enhancements have also been added to the BEST Software solution:

To compliment the existing Outcome & Objectives as well as GAS (Goal Attainment Scale) we now support WATCh.

Personal Wheelchair Budget management now included as standard.

Intelligent Mobile forms (electronic Referrals & remote assessment for any device).

Personal Demographics Service

Prosthetics Currency
The capture and reporting of prosthetics currency

Wheelchair reference costs
National mandatory currencies for adult and children wheelchair services, with non-mandatory prices.


"The support systems from Soft Options are excellent..

BEST enables our service to keep an accurate electronic patient record and align our issued equipment to the patient enabling repairs and maintenance through electronic transfers between our service and our approved repairer.
The system allows us to track our stock efficiently and enhances the patient’s journey through the service with efficient processes within BEST.
The support systems from Soft Options are excellent, responsive and efficient."

George Bryson - Team Manager Wheelchair Service

"They (Soft Options) worked with us on what was important to us as a service.

When we decided to purchase the BEST system from Soft Options, they took the time to look at our existing systems and map these to BEST, so that it suited our needs. We were also transitioning from paper-based to electronic records at the time and Soft Options helped us with this, integrating BEST with our wider organisational systems. They worked with us on what was important to us as a service. We found them to be trustworthy, reliable partners during the implementation process."

Jane Bache - Clinical Lead (Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology)

"Best has enabled us to run a paperless service

We’ve been using the BEST Wheelchair system since 2006 and for the last few years it has enabled us to run a paperless service. We expect a lot from the system and try to fully utilise all functions from patient demographics to the clinical and asset management system.

We are always looking for new ways that the software can assist us to streamline practices and auto generate functions and procedures to reduce duplication and human input errors.

I’m pleased to say that the team at Soft Options have worked with us and the BEST system has adapted and developed alongside our new ways of working, providing us with the data and outputs that we expect and need to run an efficient Wheelchair Service."

Sam Sterling – Leeds Wheelchair Service Manager

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