Address: Hereford

Postcode: Hereford

Telephone: 0781 3027670



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Dr Neil Wheeler EdD, MBA

Organisation / Company: Community Equipment Solutions Ltd.

Position or Profession: Occupational Therapist, Director, Principal lecturer

Sections qualified to provide training on:

  • Commissioning & governance
  • Clinical & professional responsibilities

Available Training locations:

  • Nationally
  • Other

Able to travel to all locations.

Approved Trainer renewal date: 23/11/2024

Approved Trainer marketing information: Dr Neil Wheeler has worked for 15 years as Principal Lecturer in Oxford Brookes University teaching, consulting and researching Healthcare Management. Prior to this he spent 15 years as a clinician and manager in the NHS, and 10 years as a general manager and executive director for an NHS Trust. As a clinician he was heavily involved in the assessment and provision of community equipment, and as a manager held a portfolio including provision of all community equipment, and established one of the UK’s first unified equipment services. Although an Occupational Therapist by background Dr Wheeler has a deep understanding of the multi-professional roles and responsibilities required in equipment related matters, having taught the various disciplines for over 15 years.