Welcome to The AT-Hub, a community of likeminded individuals and organisations, set up with the principal aim of helping to connect assistive technology related services and sectors around the people who use them.

We want to ensure that holistic, person-centred, anticipatory and effective care becomes a reality, and that people’s needs are fully understood and met through co-produced services, resulting in good outcomes.

Assistive technology doesn’t just mean electronic equipment; it includes orthotics, prosthetics, walking and standing aids, beds, pressure relieving equipment, wheelchairs and postural and seating equipment, car and home modifications, through to more advanced electronic assistive technologies such as environmental controls, communication aids, telecare products and digital health equipment. Disabled and older people and carers often require a range of these services to meet their needs. Assistive technologies are provided across many sectors e.g. health, care, education and housing, and for all ages.

The AT Hub is a completely independent community-driven initiative, pulling together the energy, commitment and strength from all relevant sectors and services, to drive forward sustainable solutions that make a difference and improve disabled and older people’s lives.

Planning and delivering the various assistive technology services in a more coherent and integrated way is critical if we want to address the problems associated with the growing ageing population, and to support people in living independently and fulfilling their lives.

The AT Hub is hosted by CECOPS CIC, the UK-based independent standards body for Assistive Technology Services. It is hoped The AT Hub will draw from communities all across the globe.

Some of the objectives of The AT Hub include:

  • Share good practice and promote the good
  • Make connections between the various assistive technology related services
  • Get the voice of people in receipt of services heard, so that needs and desired outcomes can be better understood and met
  • Help to make the social model of disability a reality
  • Work with academia and get the evidence out there
  • Offer a platform for collaboration and networking
  • Identify gaps in provision and highlight the impact this is having clinically and financially, and on people’s health and wellbeing
  • Work with professional membership and partnership bodies
  • Look at the skillset and workforce available and consider training needs
  • Make recommendations for improving overall provision and outcomes
  • Link assistive technology provision with local, national and international policies and strategies
  • Link with other care related initiatives and local and central governments
  • Ensure the right signposting arrangements are in place, where services aren’t provided
  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes and people’s lives
  • Promote the World Health Organisation GATE initiative

The AT Hub is made up of affiliate organisations representing key sectors and service areas. Any interested individual or organisation can also join the hub as a Hub Member. We also offer sponsorship opportunities to organisations who can demonstrate solutions that support the aims of the Hub.

Hub Members can take part in our online community forums via a LinkedIn group, Twitter and blogs on our website, and will be kept up to date with developments with our news articles and e-newsletters.

The AT Hub hopes to run an annual conference to bring together speakers, organisations and exhibitors with solutions which support our aims.