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One of the largest UK wheelchair services contracts gains prestigious CECOPS accreditation status

Posted on: 05/07/2017 | Categories: Accredited Users, CECOPS General, Wheelchairs

One of the largest UK wheelchair services contracts gains prestigious CECOPS accreditation status.

Accred User_no text (2)CECOPS’ Code of Practice for Disability Equipment, Wheelchair and Seating Services is a quality framework for procurement and provision of services. It supports the commissioning of wheelchair services across the UK. The Code is outcomes-focussed, opening up the veins to innovation and improvements. The work of CECOPS is supported by regulators and professional bodies.

Several Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) jointly commissioned a large London wheelchair service, covering a population of two million.

Uniquely, under the contract the provider is expected to work to CECOPS’ outcomes, become accredited, and to evidence continuous improvement year on year for the duration of the contract using a CECOPS software solution, iCOPS®.

The jointly commissioned approach taken by the CCGs was hailed by NHS England as an exemplar approach. CCGs are expected to evidence compliance with wheelchair charter issued by The Wheelchair Leadership Alliance, and supported by NHS England. Gaining CECOPS accreditation fully supports the aims of the charter.

Mona Hayat, Director of Programmes, NHS Central London CCG, said, CECOPs provide the framework for the thorough review of standards and systems throughout the accreditation cycle, supporting continuous system improvement in the provision of high quality, safe and effective services for our service users. The North West London CCGs have benefitted from the experts in the team who have supported us to commission services that deliver improved and sustainable outcomes. We would recommend CECOPs for all commissioners of assisted technology services.

AJM Healthcare was appointed the provider last year, and recently gained CECOPS Accreditation. AJM is the first company to attain CECOPS accreditation for its service provision and clinical aspects. It was noted at the assessment for accreditation that significant improvements had been made by AJM Healthcare in the short time since they had been awarded the contract, including a significant reduction in waiting lists.

AJM’s Managing Director, Mark Perress, commented “Working with our NHS CCG partners, our flagship Wheelchair Service benefits from the CECOPS standards. Led by our Quality Manager Mike Radlett, our clinical, admin and logistics staff have worked hard over the last year to implement the Code of Practice to deliver a fully integrated service, with joined-up working practices and a service user-centric operation.”

Mike Radlett explains, “the CECOPS code of practice is much more prescriptive than other standards. It is very thorough, and details all the areas such as: eligibility, funding options, clinical assessments, specialist and children’s equipment, hospital discharge and most importantly, the involvement of Service Users and Carers.

 In an environment with pressure on funding and increasing demand, CECOPS accreditation is quickly becoming the de-facto must-have requirement to guarantee clinical quality and safe solutions for wheelchair Commissioners. For service users and carers it signals quality, safety and fairness.”


If you are interested in CECOPS accreditation, please contact: | 01494 863398 | 07511 667 330

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Are Third Sector organisations and Social Enterprises setting the standard and leading the way in the delivery of Community Equipment Services?

Posted on: 20/03/2013 | Categories: Accredited Users, CECOPS General, General News

The first community equipment provider in the UK to become CECOPS accredited is Croydon Equipment Solutions – serving 3 London Boroughs  (Croydon, Merton and Sutton). Feedback from their assessments by DNV Healthcare was very positive.

Three other Providers (Third Sector and Social Enterprises) have come forward to be CECOPS Accredited. The feedback from DNV Healthcare is that there is real energy and commitment from these organisations to demonstrate that they can deliver the highest quality and standard of service anywhere in the UK.

Is this commitment to demonstrating quality shown by Third Sector organisations and Social Enterprises a challenge to the mainstream Provider Models?

Glenn Bartlett, Head of Operations, Croydon Equipment Solutions and London Chair, National Association of Equipment Providers, commented:

“We have wholeheartedly embraced CECOPS and aim to utilise all its component parts e.g. training, self-regulation software and accreditation. We believe entirely in its merits; it’s a standard we are committed to uphold and which our service users deserve!”

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Croydon Equipment Solutions aims for CECOPS accreditation, and pilots new software iCOPS™

Croydon Equipment Solutions (CES), part of the London DASS and DH sponsored Integrated Procurement Hub, is aiming to be the first service in the UK to become CECOPS accredited.

CES has already registered all of its service areas with CECOPS and has recently had a pre-assessment visit from CECOPS’ assessing body, DNV healthcare.

Following the recent pre-assessment visit Senior assessor, Karol Edge, said, “…we were very impressed with the overall commitment of staff to ensure quality, safety and performance issues are addressed.”

To maintain compliance with CECOPS’ Code of Practice and to continuously improve quality and performance CES has also agreed to pilot the CECOPS recognised self-regulation software, iCOPS™.

Glenn Bartlett, Head of Operations and also London Chair of NAEP, said: “We believe that attaining full accreditation will demonstrate that all aspects of our service, from decontamination through to procurement, meet the national standards and our aim is to reach and excel these standards if we have not done so currently. As the delivery arm of the DH led Integrated Procurement Hub, we aim to be at the leading edge of the service and we see the full CECOPS accreditation as part of this measure…”

CECOPS CEO, Brian Donnelly, said, “If every community equipment provider in the UK embraced CECOPS the way in which Croydon Equipment Solutions has I believe there would be immediate and visible improvements in service provision across the country. I think one of the most striking things about Croydon’s approach to working with CECOPS was the fact that they have dedicated a manager specifically to deal with the Code of Practice.”




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