CECOPS offer Support Visits to all organisations commissioning and providing assistive technology related services.

Our Codes of Practice exist to set a nationally recognised standard in the commissioning and provision of assistive technology related services.

CECOPS’ assessment team, TEQAS, works with us to accredit commissioners and providers against the relevant CECOPS Code of Practice. Accreditation against the Code demonstrates that an organisation has an effective management system in place and is complying with key legal and regulatory obligations.

Support visits are also available for organisations to help them understand the relevant Code of Practice and the accreditation process.

A support visit from our assessment team TEQAS will check how ready your organisation is for CECOPS accreditation status, or it can be used as a standalone exercise to identify key areas for improvement.

In addition, before you decide if you are ready to register with the CECOPS Scheme or undertake a formal assessment, you may want an independent and non-committal review of how ready you are to progress to accreditation.

Why undertake a support visit?

A support visit is an opportunity to review your organisation’s systems and processes against the requirements of the relevant Code of Practice.

CECOPS’ assessment team, TEQAS, has extensive experience of healthcare accreditation. This means that we can help organisations to:

  • understand the rationale and importance of the relevant Code requirements
  • engage key personnel, and increase awareness of a management systems approach to safety and quality
  • understand the effectiveness of your service
  • understand the CECOPS assessment process and how to prepare as effectively as possible
  • identify gaps so that you know where to focus your work before you go for accreditation, or even as a standalone exercise
  • develop an action plan in preparation for accreditation

How much does a support visit cost?

Normally the cost is £1100 per day plus £600 for an optional action plan. Typically a visit covering one area of your service (e.g. commissioning & governance) would take one day.

How do I book a visit?

Please contact us to arrange a visit or find out more about what would be covered in the support visit:

Telephone: 07511667330
Email: support@cecops.org.uk