Status of our Codes of Practice

Our Codes of Practice are recognised by many of the leading professional membership bodies, industry associations, regulators and third sector organisations operating within the various assistive technology services sectors, as the official Codes for commissioners and providers.

Compliance with Codes of Practice is not a statutory requirement. The Codes do however set out existing statutory duties and obligations which commissioning and providing bodies are expected to work to. Compliance with the Codes therefore gives effective guidance in the fulfillment of those statutory duties; it does not impose further duties.

One of the huge benefits of the Codes of Practice is that if organisations work to the principles the Codes set out, they will automatically be meeting all regulatory obligations already placed upon them.

All commissioners and providers of assistive technology related services, including health, social services and education authorities, and providers to these organisations, are advised to respect our Codes of Practice as they have been developed to aid the provision of these services in keeping with quality standards and relevant duties and legislation.

Our Codes of Practice will be updated regularly to reflect changes in policy, strategy and legislation.