Registered users will be required to self-monitor their compliance with the Code of Practice. However, for reasons of credibility it is recommended that ‘Accreditation’ is sought. Accreditation involves external assessment of a registered user’s compliance with the Code of Practice.



 Benefits of applying for Accreditation include:
  • gives an organisation an independent assessment of how well it complies with the Code of Practice;
  • gives assurance to commissioning and provider organisations that their practices are of a good standard;
  • enables commissioners and service users to identify organisations which have been independently verified as meeting the standards set out within the Code of Practice;
  • gives provider organisations a competitive advantage by having independent verification that they meet the standards set out in the Code of Practice.

How Accreditation works

An independent assessing body (TEQAS) will carry out assessments, using an agreed Audit Programme to assess organisations against the requirements of the Code of Practice.

Following a satisfactory assessment outcome, an organisation will be awarded a Certificate of Accreditation, and will be listed as an Accredited User on the online Register. The organisation will also have the right to display the Accredited User Certification Mark.

It is desirable for organisations to obtain accreditation, as this demonstrates that service quality has been externally verified. It can also be used to: satisfy regulators, market services, or to demonstrate best value, for example.

An initial Full Assessment will be required to gain accreditation status, and every 3 years thereafter. In the interim 2 years an annual health check will be required to maintain accreditation status.

Following assessment the accreditation status will appear on the organisation’s profile page on this site.

Costs of accreditation

The cost of accreditation will depend on how many days will be required to undertake a Full Assessment or annual health-check.  The number of days required will depend on the size of the organisation, how many parts of the Code are being accredited and how many sites or contracts are being accredited.

The number of days required will be negotiated with you and agreed in advance of a visit. Discounts may be available where a number of sites, contracts or services are being accredited at one assessment.  The assessment may require fewer days if the CECOPS recommended electronic self-assessment tool, iCOPS™, is used.

TEQAS can also offer optional add-on services such as pre-assessment visits, support visits and quality management systems checks (e.g. BS/EN ISO 9001:2008), for which additional costs apply.

Please contact  us for further information on pricing and the likely costs of accreditation, or optional add-on services, for your service type and structure.