New self-evaluation, compliance and performance management software tool for assistive technology related services.

iCOPS® is a simple, powerful, effective, and affordable online tool to manage all aspects of commissioning and provision of assistive technology (AT) related services, including clinical responsibilities.

It can be used in any care related setting in the UK and beyond.

iCOPS® gives you and your team the ability to review services, manage contracts, instil good governance, monitor, assess and manage your own quality, safety and performance, with regards to AT services, and comply with legal and regulatory obligations. It’s all about putting you in control, so that better clinical and financial outcomes can be achieved.

As well as being a standalone self-evaluation tool for a range of assistive technology related services, iCOPS® is officially supported by CECOPS CIC and can be used to assist you in becoming CECOPS Accredited.

Having standards to work to are important but, having a self-evaluation tool like iCOPS® puts an engine into the system and makes them come alive. This will without doubt improve overall outcomes. I believe iCOPS® is one of the most exciting developments in recent times to support the assistive technology world and will be in big demand.” Brian Donnelly, Chief Executive, CECOPS CIC.

There are iCOPS® products available for planning, commissioning and clinical aspects of community equipment, wheelchair services, electronic assistive technologies (e.g. AAC) and technology enabled care services.

Try  iCOPS® free for one month. This will give you the opportunity to see it working and the value it will bring to you and your organisation.


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