Why join CECOPS?

By working with CECOPS you will gain:

  • The right to display relevant Certification Marques to show users, commissioners and regulators that you work to a recognised Code of Practice;
  • Access to discounts for our range of iCOPS® products and our annual conference;
  • Access to unique bespoke training schemes for all organisations and staff responsible for commissioning or providing disability equipment, at all levels;
  • Representation at government, regulator, industry and professional membership bodies level;
  • Access to “Health Checks” on your current services to give you an idea of where you are performing well, or where you may need to make improvements to meet Code requirements;
  • The opportunity to achieve Accreditation status via an external assessment by our independent assessment team TEQAS;
  • Entitlement to free copies of the relevant Code of Practice guide;
  • Competitive advantage and marketability by showing others that you are working to the Gold Standard for the sector.