Technology Enabled Care Services: Service Provision (Tamworth, 6th November)


November 6th 2019

9.30am to

The Goldsmith Centre, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7XH


CECOPS is delighted to offer this unique CPD Certified training for Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) Service Provision. This course is applicable for all individuals working in TEC services across all sectors e.g. digital health, telecare, assistive technology, robotics.

The course content is based on our widely used and recognised publication ‘The International Code of Practice for Planning, Commissioning and Providing Technology Enabled Care Services’. A FREE copy of the Code will be given to all attendees.

Subject areas covered in the training

Part 2: Service Provision

Code Standard 17: Governance, Risk and Ethics

Code Standard 18: Legal and Regulatory Obligations and Compliance with Standards

Code Standard 19: Managing Referrals and Assessments

Code Standard 20: Procuring Technologies, Equipment and Services

Code Standard 21: Implementation of New Technologies and Services

Code Standard 22: Trialling, Assembling, Installing and Demonstrating Technologies and Equipment

Code Standard 23: Involving Patients/Service Users and Carers in Decision Making

Code Standard 24: Management of Medical Devices/Technologies

Code Standard 25: Management of Assets and Inventory

Code Standard 26: Monitoring and Alerts

Code Standard 27: Quality Management Systems

Code Standard 28: Health and Safety Management

Code Standard 29: Staff Competence

Code Standard 30: Information Technology, Management and Governance

Code Standard 31: Collaborative Working

Code Standard 32: Third-Party Contractors

Code Standard 33: Marketing and Promotion

Code Standard 34: Contract and Performance Management, and Continuous Improvement

Code Standard 35: Measuring and Demonstrating Service Impact

Who should attend the training?

The module is particularly relevant to anyone involved in the delivery of services including, for example:

Managers (within the relevant sectors)

Clinical teams


Service providers


Operational staff

Anyone setting up a new TEC service

Course Aims

To enable participants to:

identify and analyse those standards which pertain to their individual practice and that of staff for whom they are responsible

understand the obligations placed on them by each standard, and recognise a variety of contextual settings

develop an understanding of the potential risks associated with the issues each standard covers, and the likely consequences

plan documentary evidence to demonstrate adherence with each standard deemed relevant

self and peer audit/assess standards to ensure that they are compliant therewith.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training participants will:

Awareness of the CECOPS standards which should be worked to in practice

Develop an appreciation of working with outcome-based standards

Understand the link between planning, commissioning and providing services

Appreciate the component parts necessary for delivering a successful service

Be aware of personal responsibilities and obligations

Learn how to manage risks and avoid serious potential consequences

Understand the importance of providing services right

You may also be interested in our Planning and Commissioning TECS module. Contact us for details:


Brian Donnelly MSc

Brian is the founder and CEO of CECOPS CIC, the standards and accreditation body for assistive technology services. He recently authored the first-ever International Code of Practice for Planning, Commissioning and Provision of Technology Enabled Care Services. His work is recognised nationally and internationally.


9.30am - 4pm

9am          Registration

9.30am    Welcome and introductions

9.45am    An introduction to CECOPS

10am       An introduction to the Code Standards

10.15am  Group-wide workbook activity

10.30am Break

10.45am Group-wide workbook activity (continued)

12.30pm Lunch-break

1.30pm   Individual and smaller group workbook activity

3pm         Break

3.15pm    Individual and smaller group workbook activity (continued)

3.45pm   Outstanding issues and feedback

4pm        Close


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