Address: Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Postcode: BT9 7JB

Telephone: 028950 47061



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Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Registration Number: R190464

Service Registered: The Regional Wheelchair Service

Organisation Type: Health & Social Care

Date of Registration: 18th September 2020

Renewal date: September 18, 2024

Corporate Accreditation: NO

Accreditation Renewal date: November 25, 2024

Registration Category

  • Full Registration

Sections Registered

  • Service provision
  • Clinical & professional responsibilities

Additional Information

The Regional Wheelchair Service works with wheelchair users from across Northern Ireland to determine their needs and prescribe appropriate wheelchair equipment. They will work alongside Occupational Therapists to provide the service.

Approved Repairers also work as part of this service providing:

Delivery and demonstration to users of wheelchairs

Modifications to wheelchairs

Provision of standard wheelchair accessories

Wheelchair repair service

Annual Planned Preventative Maintenance of powered wheelchairs