Address: Unit 16-18 Thursby Road Croft Business Park Bromborough Wirral

Postcode: CH62 3PW

Telephone: 01325 524531



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Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd. (Wirral)

Registration Number: R190416

Service Registered: Wirral Falls Prevention Team

Organisation Type: Health & Social Care (Private Sector)

Date of Registration: 1st January 2019

Renewal date: 08/02/2025

Registration Category

  • Full Registration

Sections Registered

  • Clinical & professional responsibilities

Additional Information

Medequip is the market leading provider of community equipment services with over 30 contracts across the UK. We procure, store, deliver, install, maintain and repair, collect, clean and refurbish, recycle equipment including: medical, ADL, mobility, sensory, AT, adaptations, lifting, hoisting and continence supplies.

We provide partnership support to commissioners, prescribers, users and stakeholders with innovative solutions that reduce costs by up to 25% whilst increasing service levels.

Medequip provides the The Falls Prevention Team in the Wirral.