Address: 3 Melbourne House, Corbygate Business Park, Corby, Northants

Postcode: NN17 5JG

Telephone: 01536 264869



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Medpage Ltd (trading as Easylink UK)

Registration Number: R190336

Service Registered: Easylink UK

Organisation Type: Private Company

Date of Registration: 26th May 2015

Renewal date: February 1, 2025

Registration Category

  • Associate Registration

Sections Registered

  • Service provision
  • Peripheral issues & specialist areas

Additional Information

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK, established 1984, has provided affordable quality care electronic products for over 30 years to individual consumers, and professional healthcare. Our catalogue of products includes monitors to detect epileptic seizures, daily living aids, sensory loss, fall prevention and wander detection alarms, help call systems, access control and video monitoring systems, memory and communications aids and security products.