Address: Unit 64 Mochdre Industrial Estate Newtown Powys

Postcode: SY16 4LE

Telephone: 0345 123 6350



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Millbrook Healthcare (Powys)

Registration Number: R190346

Service Registered: Powys CES

Organisation Type: Private Company

Date of Registration: 21st July 2023

Renewal date: 21/07/2024

Corporate Accreditation: NO

Accreditation Renewal date: September 1st 2026

Registration Category

  • Full Registration

Sections Registered

  • Service provision
  • Peripheral issues & specialist areas

Additional Information

Millbrook Healthcare provides Community Equipment Services, technology Enabled Care Services and Home Improvement Agency on behalf of the NHS, health and social care and local authorities.

Our mission is to ensure you have the right equipment to live an independent life.