Apply for Registration

Guidance Notes:

This form should take about 10 minutes to complete. Completing this form is the first step in the process for registering with the Scheme, but does not at this stage commit you to proceeding.

Upon completion, this form will pass to our registration panel. We may contact you for clarification if the information provided is incomplete. Once your application has been processed we will send you a Registration Acceptance form, which will confirm the cost of registration. To proceed with registration, you will be required to sign the form and return it with the correct payment. An invoice will be issued to your organisation.

You may choose to download a PDF version of the application form and post it to: CECOPS Support Team, DNV Healthcare, Highbank House, Exchange Street, Stockport, SK3 0ET

If you require any assistance completing this form, please contact the Support Team: (T) 0161 4756691, (E)

Multiple Sites:

Please note, if your business covers multiple sites or several geographical boundaries (e.g. you have contracts with a number of Local Authorities), then you will need separate registrations for each site or area. It is acceptable to register some of your sites or areas, and not others.

For your convenience you may complete a single application form for all registered sites of the same organisation. You will need to give details in Section 3 for all sites or areas requiring registration. If you prefer, it is acceptable to submit separate application forms.

    Apply for Registration and/or Accreditation

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