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Continuous Improvement

CECOPS Grading

The CECOPS accreditation model includes the awarding of a grade based on how well the service performed. This encourages service providers to continuously improve, rather than settle for ‘good enough’.

Our grading system helps providers who are delivering excellent services distinguish themselves and win new business. It is also useful for procurement and commissioning leads when evaluating and awarding contracts.

Ultimately, our grading approach drives up quality, safety, performance and user experience. The process is consistent with a continuous quality improvement approach.

There are 4 CECOPS grades

Please contact us for a copy of the Grading Guidance.

iCOPS® Continuous Improvement tool

We work in partnership with iCOPS® Ltd. and are able to offer a unique tool to drive continuous improvements across all assistive technology services.

This powerful assessment and continuous improvement tool supports commissioners, providers, and clinical teams.

Quality, safety and performance

iCOPS® also enables the management of quality, safety and performance; it can also help commissioners with the assessment of an organisation’s readiness before engaging with assistive technology services.

360° perspective on services

Furthermore, iCOPS® enables a 360° perspective on services and has a unique oversight ability meaning multiple contracts can be viewed simultaneously, allowing good practice to be shared.

Have a look at this general YouTube explainer video:


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