CECOPS offers readiness assessments for all organisations seeking to adopt technology enabled care services e.g. telecare, digital health.

MabelleTECS6Readiness assessments are carried out by independent experts on TECS, using a unique software tool which is based on the recognised CECOPS International TECS Code. CECOPS customises its readiness assessment process by offering a range of packages to suit your requirements and budget, offering a cost effective analysis of your readiness before you engage with TECS.

Currently there is a lot of focus on accelerating the supply end of the technology enabled care market, with less attention given to organisational readiness.

Before committing to adopting or implementing a telecare or digital health service, it is crucial that a robust readiness assessment is undertaken. Failure to do so is likely to be costly, unsafe and result in poor outcomes.

A good readiness assessment should look at a range of factors including, for example, strategic planning, governance structures, capacity and skills, risk management, information management, funding and the ability to measure service impact.

The CECOPS International TECS Code covers the planning and commissioning of services, as well as service provision. The Code provides the quality framework against which a thorough readiness assessment can be aligned.

The areas covered in the planning and commissioning part of the Code include:

CODE STANDARD 1: Strategic Planning and Preliminary Considerations
CODE STANDARD 2: Involvement of Stakeholders, Users and Carers
CODE STANDARD 3: Partnerships, Joint Working and Integration
CODE STANDARD 4: Governance, Ethics and Risk Management
CODE STANDARD 5: Business Case Development
CODE STANDARD 6: Investment and Funding
CODE STANDARD 7: Procurement
CODE STANDARD 8: Service Requirements and Specifications
CODE STANDARD 9: Contractual Arrangements
CODE STANDARD 10: Eligibility Criteria and Self-funding
CODE STANDARD 11: Legal & Regulatory Obligations and Standards
CODE STANDARD 12: Information Technology and Information Management
CODE STANDARD 13: Marketing and Promotion
CODE STANDARD 14: Implementation
CODE STANDARD 15: Performance Management and Continuous Improvement
CODE STANDARD 16: Measuring and Evaluating Service Impact

See all the areas covered in the TECS Code HERE

To assist with readiness assessments we use a software tool and experts in the space, as follows:

iCOPS®: CECOPS uses this self-evaluation and continuous improvement software tool to carry out readiness assessments. All of the Code Standards are built into the tool. It help to take a snapshot of where organisations are, what needs done and who is going to do it etc. Once the assessment is complete, you can continue to use the software tool if you wish, for a small annual licence fee.

Members from the Strategy and Delivery Unit undertake the readiness assessments. The Unit is made up of experts in planning, commissioning and providing TECS. None of the experts has any affiliations with any other suppliers or providers, making CECOPS readiness assessments uniquely independent.

If you are considering engaging with any technology enabled care service and are interested in finding out more about our readiness assessments, please get in touch for a competitive quotation.

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