Apply to become a Trainer

Please read the supporting notes below before completing this form. You will need to complete a separate application form for each individual who wishes to provide Approved Training. This is because most of the details which you need to give on this form relate to each individual, not to your organisation as a whole.

Approved Trainer supporting notes

General Guidance

CECOPS does not itself carry out training on the Code of Practice, but is the body responsible for granting Approved Trainer status to those who meet certain criteria; overseeing the quality of the training; and providing the training programmes to be used by Approved Trainers.

Approved Trainers can be identified from the CECOPS on-line register, and they will also be issued with signed certificates and can display the Approved Trainer certification mark on their website and training material. An entry on the register of Approved Trainers is a valuable marketing source, but trainers can of course use other means to promote their own training courses.

Approved Trainer status always applies to an individual, not an organisation as a whole. An organisation wishing to market itself as supplying Approved Training on the Code of Practice will need to ensure that each individual trainer who intends to train on the Code of Practice achieves Approved Trainer status.

Training arrangements

All Approved Trainers are listed on CECOPS’ website, showing organisation name, individual trainer names, course topics offered, and contact information. Approved Trainers will be contacted directly by those wishing to be trained, and it is your own organisation’s responsibility to arrange dates and venues.

Once training has been carried out, Approved Trainers should send to CECOPS details of those trained, the Approved Trainer’s name, course topic, and date of training. Forms will be supplied to facilitate this. CECOPS will issue a signed certificate to each individual trained by an Approved Trainer, and this will be evidence of appropriate training for Accreditation purposes. Note that individual training will last for 3 years, with a refresher course required every 3 years.

Costs of becoming an Approved Trainer

To become an Approved Trainer it will be necessary to attend an initial induction course, and also a refresher course every 3 years; the fees for these are shown below.

CECOPS will require payment of an annual licence fee for each individual Approved Trainer. This fee includes the right to use the official CECOPS training programmes. Royalties of 10% will also be payable quarterly, based on the training fees charged in the same period, or the CECOPS recommended training rates if greater.

Table of costs for Approved Trainers:

  Annual Licence Fee Initial Training Refresher Training
One module £695 £395 £295
Two modules £995 £595 £395
All modules £1195 £695 £495

Recommended costs for training

CECOPS has set recommended costs for training, but Approved Trainers are entitled to set their own prices. However, royalties payable to CECOPS will be calculated based on the recommended rate, if this is higher than the rate charged to delegates. The rates below are the current recommended rates per individual:

£125 = per module

Table of minimum royalties payable to CECOPS (per individual trained)

  Recommended Training Rate 10% minimum royalty per individual
Per module £125 £12.50

These rates apply where Approved Trainers charge for training at the recommended rates, or lower. Where a greater amount is charged, royalties are payable at 10% of the actual amount charged.

Note. Where in-house NHS or Local Authority staff become Approved Trainers and train in-house personnel, the royalties shown in the above table are required to be paid to CECOPS for copyright and licensing reasons. Where you intend to deliver training other than by a standard training “session”, e.g. webinar, you will need to contact CECOPS in advance as separate licence arrangements, fees and royalties may apply.

Quality assurance

CECOPS may carry out random quality assurance checks, and will also deal with any complaints relating to the training received.

Copyright information

CECOPS operate under a licence agreement from the copyright holder (Community Equipment Solutions Ltd) for specific uses of the Code of Practice; this includes:

(1). Registration
(2). Accreditation
(3) Approved Trainer scheme.

Other uses of the Code of Practice are beyond the scope of CECOPS’ licensing agreement. Organisations wishing to consider other uses of the Code of Practice are advised to deal directly with the copyright owner. Please contact for further information.

Please note any unauthorised act in relation to the uses of the Code of Practice could result in criminal prosecution or civil claims for damages.

Applicant Details

To become an Approved Trainer the following criteria must be met:

You have worked in the relevant assistive technology related service for a minimum of 5 years. Please also indicate the particular assistive technology related service area you are interested in e.g. wheelchair services, technology enabled care services.

You have a minimum of 1 year previous training experience.

Note, suitable equivalent criteria will also be considered by the CECOPS evaluation panel.

If you have met the criteria above you will also be expected to receive induction training on the Code of Practice; this will be arranged by CECOPS on your behalf.

Additional information

Please use this space to provide us with any additional information to support your application. Although not essential, you may wish to provide references.

There are 3 main areas covered within our Codes; please indicate which sections you intend to provide training on:

Please indicate where you intend to deliver training:

Entry in Register of Trainers

Approved Trainers will be listed in an online register at Code of Practice Users and potential users will access this register to source approved trainers. The register will show the name of your organisation, followed by the names of each individual Approved Trainer registered with that organisation. The contact information showing in the register will be the same as on this application form, unless you state otherwise in the box below.

If you would like alternative contact information to show in the register of Approved Trainers, please give this below. If this box is left blank, we will use the information at the start of this form.

Note: you could choose this option if, for example, you only intend to train within your own organisation, and do not wish to be contacted by others who require training. If you select this box, your name will still appear on the register as an Approved Trainer, but no contact information will be given.

What happens next?

Upon completion, this form will pass to our evaluation panel. We may contact you for clarification if the information provided is incomplete. Once your application has been approved, we will send you an Approved Trainer acceptance form, which will confirm costs and give a preview of your entry in the register of Approved Trainers.

To proceed with your application, you will be required to sign the acceptance form and return it with the correct payment. An invoice will be issued to your organisation. You will then be advised of induction training dates and locations, from which you can select a suitable session. We aim to provide induction sessions at a variety of locations. If you require induction training for a number of individuals, our training provider may be able to arrange a group session at your own premises. Following attendance at the induction training, you will be awarded a certificate to demonstrate that you are competent and licensed to provide training on the Code of Practice. You will also be entitled to use the Approved Trainer certification mark.


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